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:confused: I'm going to be taking the CCM Exam for the first time this Fall, and would like to hear from those who have taken it; i.e. what study materials (if any), did you find useful, and which... Read More

  1. by   MTFCaseManager
    Ok..I took the CCM exam today and huhhhhh???? I honestly have no idea if I passed or failed. I hope I passed, I think I passed but ***??? I have to say, if I didn't pass, I will not be totally suprised. I studied sooooooo much, everything! I can tell you the date of TEFRA, the place, everything, but a "spiritual therapy"? What the heck was that? Soft or hard savings? My gosh, I thought I had covered EVERYTHING!!! Not one question on Birthday Rule, Medicare A, B, C, D, nada! Well, to those who took the test, good luck and I hope everyone passed including myself, but I have to say, that was one of the weirdest exams I have ever taken. I don't think I could even begin to tell anyone how to study for it. I really think if I did not study at all, I would have not done that much better....but if I do pass, maybe I will think differently. I have no idea what to think.
  2. by   cubbieblue99
    MTF Case Manager, couldn't agree more! I took it Sat and was floored by the questions. NOTHING from the book I studied! I agree with you, if I don't pass, I don't even know what to study next time.

    Yes I remember the question on PASS, thanks for reminding me. I have to look that one up. It was to bypass SSI if you don't want it and who has to sign off on it. Something like that. Weird questions indeed. I am relieved to see I wasn't the only one that felt that way!
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  3. by   MTFCaseManager
    Hi Cubbie,
    Thanks for the response! Did you get the question about "spiritual therapy"? At least I think that was what it was. The choices were faith, peace...something like that, but I chose art because that was the only answer that went with therapy? I guessed completely....
  4. by   iamablonde1970
    oh my goodness!!! I just took that test today!!! 3 long hours of second guessing my entire nursing history! hahaha I agree with all of you! Very Strange, broad range of topics..... The PASS! I looked that up right when I got home! hahaha Social Security has to sign off and approve that! hahaha (and they usually do if Vocational Therapist fills it out) or something like that..... I agree about not being able to really study for this... I did have questions about medicare and medicaid, but many things that I DID study because other friends told me....... they weren't on my test, and then there were things I hadn't really heard of..... bizarre!

    Talk about humbling! ha ha I felt like an idiot throughout most of that 3 hours! And I hated that I couldn't take my iced Mocha in there for comfort! hahahaha

    Goodluck! I wonder how quick we will hear..... two of my girlfriends heard in 6 weeks...... almsot to the day.... so that is probably what I am looking at.....

    I know I answered Alot correct, but there were many that I too thought there were TWO right answers.... and some of the questions I read and said... "huh?!?!?!" ha ha not a good sign!

    My goodness!!!

    Goodluck to you all!
  5. by   cubbieblue99
    MTF case manager, I don't remember the spiritual therapy question that well.. so i don't remember what i answered. We may have had a slight variation of the same question. Who knows it was just a weird questions all the way around.

    iamoblonde, I agree, it was a humbling experience. I kept waiting for there to be a question I knew from medicare or medicaid or TERFA or Mental Health Act or the act on Woman and Breast Cancer... all things I had memorized from the book I studied and nada! I was like "what in the world?!" after I read each question! Alot of my answers came from life experience and job experience. Unfortunately I don't have a psych background or community CM background, so alot was guessing.

    I just hope I passed it!

  6. by   jimmy2wheels
    I took the exam last thursday. Studying for the CCME I think I did the " Full Monty" including everything the CCMA (recommended courses), Morrison Media, Prime Inc., Dr. Hutchison's CCME web site, " The Case Managers Handbook," had to offer and never missed a dose of medicine for treating my ADD (nectar of the God's). I knew what " A Pass" and "spirituality" was referring to. I'm not and never have been a good test taker and never felt good after a test but I have to say this one I feel good about but for that reason I'm nervous. If I had it to do it over again I would just do the 3 day pre-test review recommended by CCMA, it covered all the material, and Dr. Hutchison's web course which was extremely helpful doing his unlimited number of test on line. Not so much for the info but the practice of taking on-line test; reading what the question is asking " inside question " and the methods for choosing the " best answer " in the choices. I find it ironic for a discipline that emphasize being a very objective to give a test very subjective. Anyone agree ?

    Anyway, this assessment may be totally off base. At the end of the day or eight weeks, only the results will tell. Hope all who took the test did well and good luck to those getting ready.
    Jimmy COHN-s
  7. by   sw2rn
    I have enjoyed reading this ongoing discussion and appreciate the anxiety and apprehension about the CCMC exam. HOWEVER, as a former CCMC commissioner and current member of the CCMC Exam and Research Committee, I am deeply bothered by the discussion of specific test questions. Every candidate that sits for the CCMC exam signs a confidentiality statement whereby they agree to not discuss specific test questions and every case manager with CCM credential is held to the code of conduct which discusses in detail the importance of the standards, including confidentiality.
    Being a case manager is challenging and rewarding and requires a vast array of knowledge. The advent of computer blogs has created new benefits and possibilities but also increased vulnerabilities. Please don't let this forum jeopardize any professional standards, ethics or. certifications.
  8. by   cubbieblue99
    So I went on the CCM website and to my dashboard and it says the results won't be in until the 3rd week in June! I took it April 11th, why so long! That's almost 2 months to find out. My co-workers who took in Dec 2008 had their results in January 2009. Has anyone heard anything different about results timeframe?
  9. by   jimmy2wheels
    Nada but a good question. I thought that it being a "computer test" the results would be received by the CCMA before we were home from taking the test. It would be nice to at least know what the hold up it is. After all, we did paid for the test and are members of the asscociation.
  10. by   angelrnstat
    Hello everyone,

    I see that the results are posted on my dashboard as to not have passed this 2nd time around. I am in a world of devastation. I don't know anything else to say at this time. I am really very sad at this time.
  11. by   armywifenurse
    Quote from angelrnstat
    Hello everyone,

    I see that the results are posted on my dashboard as to not have passed this 2nd time around. I am in a world of devastation. I don't know anything else to say at this time. I am really very sad at this time.
    I am very sorry to hear this. This exam is incredibly hard to study for and it just didn't happen for you this time. Stay strong and positive. Things will look up for you and the 3rd time will be a charm.
  12. by   angelrnstat
    Thank you Monique for the kind words. I really appreciate it. I will be taking it again in another year. I need a mental break.
  13. by   jimmy2wheels
    I second Moniques reply and can empathize for you. For what it's worth I am a terrible test taker. I passed my COHN exam by 2 points and RN exam ( the second time) by about the same). I passed this CCM exam the first time and actually felt it was an easy test, that's never happened to me ! For the CCM exam I mostly concentrsted on taking practice test, about 2-3 hours almost every day for about 2 months. This was helpful learning the subject matter but it was even more helpful learning to read what the question was "really" asking and being able to more clearly recognize the " best " answer. I felt a need to make a few guesses and always stuck to my first choice. Maybe it's just me, and I've said this before, but in a field that empthasizes objectivity it was a very subjective test and that's the way I approached studying for it. Hope this helps a little and good luck next time. Take care. jimmy