Avysion healthcare services?

  1. I am considering taking a job with this company as a Field Operations RN, conducting records reviews to assess nursing facility compliance with federal and state requirements (OBRA, MDS, Admissions, Financial). The way the job was explained to me is that Avysion contracts with the state/federal agencies overseeing compliance in these areas and I would be working for Avysion in a "road-warrior" capacity, travelling to facilities and conducting reviews on-site.

    This would be a big change from the bedside nursing that I've been doing for the past 12 years, but I am so ready to move into another area of nursing and utilization review/case management has been something that holds a definite interest for me.

    Does anyone have any experience working for this company or know of anyone who has and can offer any feedback? Also, any helpful suggestions or advice as to this area of nursing?
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  3. by   SummerGarden
    You sound more like an Auditor then a Case Manager. A former co-worker of mine performed a similar job to the one you describe and from her explaination of duties; she too was not a case manager. However, I am not sure. Hopefully, someone on here will be of more assistance than me. In any case, it sounds like it will be challenging and rewarding (or stressful and demanding depending on your poison). Good luck.