Anyone working for Humana?

  1. I will be interveiwing for a case management job with Humana. It is a 50/50 job. 50 at hospital and 50 at home. Anyone working with humana at home. How are they to work for. Any advise for the face to face interview. I have been home for 2 years will my daughter but have over 10 years cm experence before that. With a tpa and occ health. Thanks for any advise.
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  3. by   poodlehead

    saw your posting, did you even go to work for Humana, I am interested in this company. If so, would you recommend these?

  4. by   genabrie
    I was working for Humana, just quit last week. I will try to be as objective as possible though.

    First- you may be ok at Humana. You have case management experience and hopefully experience with another insurance company. I would not recommend Humana for anyone - no matter how smart/ computer literate/ ect... they are w/o insurance experience.

    I went to work for them in disease management. I have a very strong clinical background, and excellent computer skills. I thought it was going to be "the perfect" job for me. I had never got to work at home, and really was looking forward to it.

    That said, the "work at home" aspect was the only good thing for me on the position. Humana could write a whole new "how to" manual on micromanaging people. I have worked in an office setting as a disease management case worker for years, and never had any complaints about my job performance. I was/am extremely productive.

    However, within 3 weeks of starting the job I had a case load of about 250 members- half of them were half cooked cases from previous case managers.

    (Oh yes- I forgot- they lie!!! I asked when I interviewed how high the turnober was in the department- trying to gauge satisfaction. They said they had no turnover in this department. Within 6 months of me starting about half of the case managers had changed. I stopped even trying to keep my phone ext list current)

    I worked from 7 am to 10pm sometimes even later trying to get my cases under control, but every day more new members were piled on. I am really not exaggerating here! I am not the only one either. My IM screen showed plenty of my coworkers burning the midnight oil as well. Keep in mind, no overtime and fairly low pay for the industry.

    Your calls *will* be recorded, never doubt it. I thought I wouldn't mind, but when you get berated for even being friendly or exchanging small talk with other case managers you speak to on a daily basis you begin to resent the paranoia you begin to feel.

    The expectations are outrageous! Their mission is "perfect service" and by God they mean it. You *have* to answer a call by the 3rd ring or else it is a variance. You have to cover 21 points in a call or it is a variance, you have to contact a member within 5 days of d/c or else it is a variance, you have to get a denial letter out by 5:00 pm or it is a variance... notice a pattern. You will hear about variances- never think you won't. You may not hear about a good job you did, or the long hours you put in, but you will hear about a variance. Your boss is keeping a *long* list... just waiting for your next one on one.

    Anyway, I could go on and on, but my biggest complaint is that they have P&P that are spelled out to the nth detail. They do not want you to vary from these P&P in any way at any time. Sadly, you will not have time to read these P&P. They are locked away in databases which you need to spend you free time (wht free time) perusing. If you ask anyone for help you will be told the number of the P&P to read to find the answer. If you ask too often they will lose patience and you will have a one on one about how you didn't seem to know how to do something after they feel that you should know it. (This is why I said it may be good that you have prior experience).

    Oh yes- on top of everything else- in my job I had to use 5 different software programs (not windows or office- verticle market specialty programs written for Humana) on a daily basis. Two of them were DOS programs. They expect you to know these programs and be fully functional after 5 days or orientation. As I said, I am *very* computer literate.... but these are not menu driven programs, and the help files don't even help.

    Anyway- after 8 months of working hard (never called in sick- was always punctual) to have my nose rubbed in crap every time I "forgot to read a disclaimer" or some other minor infraction ... I quit! I loved working at home, but seriously I didn't need the drama/stress. I will go back to working in the real world, where you can see the knife aimed at your back before it hits you.
  5. by   Itshamrtym

    WOW!!!! I'm so sorry that you had to go through this...... It sounds like 8 months of torture!!!! The OP is quite old I wonder if she went to work for them.... With all of your experience and knowledge I'm sure that you could land a much more suitable job... and you will!!!!! tAke care and good luck....
  6. by   beachloverRN
    Hi...I am working for Humana as of today....what is your status??
  7. by   telegirl35
    I will start working for Humana in a few weeks as a Work at Home Case Manager. I hope everything work out. I have worked in the managed care industry 13 yrs prior to becoming a nurse and 2 yrs as a nurse and this will be my 3rd insurance company in 3 yrs. I hope this will be my last job for a while since I will be working at home.
  8. by   beachloverRN
    When do you actually start with Humana? Are you orienting in Tampa by any chance?????? Starting the 8th???
  9. by   beachloverRN
    To any of you starting with Humana I will be at the orientation starting the 8 th in San Antionio, would love to meet you in person!!!! My name is Barbara from New Mexico...see you there!!!
  10. by   telegirl35
    I am currently in Kentucky for orientation but will be in San Antonio the week starting 9/14/08. Will you still be in San Antonio the week of 9/14-9/19/08?
  11. by   swincha
    Humana sounds like Healthways but at home.
    United is starting to have the call center attitude you were referring to.
    Caseloads you can't possibly contact.
  12. by   dria
    i disagree. i've been with uhc for a number of years, and i find my caseload to be very manageable.

    we tried the call center thing with the the dialer technology, it didn't work out, and we are no longer using it (at least at our site.)
  13. by   hkRN83
    How is Humana? I am interested in working for them too.
  14. by   spejsa
    I am also interested in Humana. I had a phone interview today and the recruiter said that the hiring manager would not be setting up interviews for a week or so. So, who knows if I will actually get an interview. I hope so!