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I will be interveiwing for a case management job with Humana. It is a 50/50 job. 50 at hospital and 50 at home. Anyone working with humana at home. How are they to work for. Any advise for the face... Read More

  1. by   Rntr
    Any updated information on Humana.... who is still there or going and how do you like it... where are you located. Did you train in Tampa and where is home? Thanks
  2. by   hkRN83
    I have been working for Humana for over a year! I love everything about it! I do post discharge calls to make sure our members have their meds, food, transportation and help answer any questions they may have. I work from home (started after 6 mos of employment) and I can see myself working for this company for the next 25 years! I am sure that I want to continue to be a post discharge nurse for the next 7 to 8 years, after that, I may do something else within the company just to mix things up a little bit . Humana has a huge market in Florida. If they don't train in Tampa, they will pay for you to train in Louisville, KY (that's our headquarter!). Humana just celebrated its 50th year anniversary and it's growing by the minute! By the way, I was told at one of the meetings that every department at Humana employs at least one nurse. I believe in this company and that's why my mom, both in laws and most of the people at my church have Humana Medicare! Good luck to you!
  3. by   Rntr
    Hey, thanks for the reply.. I started with them a week ago and I am in information overload... but you know, I think I am going to really like what I am doing and the way this "Cares" program is working..

    I would like to visit with you off line.. are you in KY? Thanks!
  4. by   lifein08
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  5. by   Rntr
    My personal opinion is you have to be in the area where you would work as I was told they are not hiring "remotes"... this is not to say you can't go back to wherever after you're trained. By the way, this training can be anywhere from 3 to 6 months..
  6. by   Tampa121
    I am also glad you love your job. I work for a worker's comp company here in FL and was just told the UR dept. (mine) is being outsourced to the Phillipines as of Jan. 1, 2012. Help, please. I guess it is the sign of the times!!We are being told "increase the cases, finish each day" for what, so we can hand our jobs over all cleaned up!! We did not see this coming! I ahave CM exp. and love Interqual. Do I jump ship soon? Working 10 hr days now, just to keep up.
  7. by   Rntr
    Are you in Tampa? Write me through here..thanks
  8. by   weelass71
    what do you do there?
    I am interested in the work at home with the humana beginnings program.
  9. by   lissylou1
    Rntr.....are you still out there? Would love to talk to you about Humana and see if you are still with this company!!
  10. by   Rntr
    Yes, send me a private message..
  11. by   lissylou1
    Rntr, not sure I know how to do that. If I click on your name it doesn't give me that option...can you send me one? Or you can email me and we can chat that way.

    I would appreciate your help....