Carolinas MC/UNCC Class of 2016



Anyone accepted in Carolinas Medical Center/ UNC Charlotte Nurse Anesthesia Program for the class of 2016? I would love to connect with some future classmates!


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I got my letter yesterday, too :)


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Specializes in Critical Care. Has 2 years experience.
I got my letter yesterday' date=' too :)[/quote']

Awesome!!! Congratulations!!! Will you be accepting the position?


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Yep! I'm sending my letter in tomorrow.


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Hello, I would like to apply there when I get my BSN. I have a long road to go but any advise on a new nursing Student wanting to apply in the future? What would you tell a new RN grad to do to stand out from other applicants when they go to apply? What should we do early on like myself??

thanks for the advise and Congrats and blessings


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Do I need to steer clear of this program? Are you have a good experience, learning what is needed? What is your overall thoughts on the matter- a list of pros/cons. I'm trying to decide where to apply and I'd love some feedback on Carolinas!