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Carolinas college of health science questions

by hannahmae14 hannahmae14 (New) New

I just got my acceptance letter for the spring 2018 pre nursing program at Carolinas college of health science. I am coming in with a bachelors degree in Communications and a minor in sociology. So I think a lot of the classes in the program will transfer from UNCC. Im just wondering how I should divided up the classes I do have to take and when it comes time for me to start the nursing program will I still be able to not lose my mind and work to you know pay my bills?

Devon Rex, ADN, BSN

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Hello Hannah Mae,

First of all... congratulations on being admitted to the program!

Second... I suggest you to contact their Admissions Department (see link below) to ask if you could setup a meeting with an Academic Adviser to go over your credits, determine which classes you will need to take, and the logical order (if there is one).

Admissions | Carolinas College of Health Sciences

Once you get into nursing school, it will be intense. I highly recommend you have a strong supportive system (family &/or friends). The level of difficultness will depend on many factors: family commitments (single, married, kids, being someone's caregiver, etc), work commitments (full time, part time, seasonal, volunteer work, unemployed, etc), how easy you process/retain information, study habits, and time management... to name the most importants. Your post does not have enough information to elaborate on specifics, but I hope my post helps guide you in the right direction.


Congrats to you!!! I recently applied to the summer and fall pre nursing program!! If I can help you in any way I would love to! I won't be starting untill may if I get accepted !

I work part time at Francesca's right now. And I will set up a meeting!