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CARNA alberta advice pls

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i dont know if anyone can help?

I am a nurse and came over on an open work permit with my husband and have a job offer with calgary health. CARNA nurse registration of alberta have had my transcripts and documents since june last year processing it.

i came over with my husband in january.

they have just informed me that i have a name spelling error on all my transcripts which i got from zimbawe where i did my training, which because of the corruption cost me in total over $1000 US each 1 costs $350, then £250 for a full medical then $450 can for the regesration, they told me 3 weeks ago i had to get another trasnscript because they had done a white out on the first 1 but diddnt mention the spelling mistake then so that was another $350 US at first they asked for a signed affidavit which i did and then they informed they are still not acepting it, told me to go back and put all the names of the misspelling which i did, then they said they still couldnt accept it so i have to get them changed all my transcripts which i have to do in person, air flight from calgary to harare is $10200 and i have no money and no job we are just scraping on my husbands wage, at my wits end and dont know what to do next, do they have an appeals tribunal might be able to just about to afford a lawer, not got the air fre back to the uk, there was no problems there with any of my transcripts, every time i send a new transcript takes 2 weeks to get there then 2 weeks for them to open the letter then on the desk for 2 weeks.

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i am very sorry that this has happened to you, but as has been explained numerous times before, the colleges of registered nurses in canada are required by law to ensure that the people they register are legally, educationally and clinically entitled. the rules they place on accuracy of documentation are part of this responsibility. the fact that there is white out on one of your documents draws the validity of all your documentation into question. the people doing the assessments have no other information to use in their assessment but the documentation you provide. while they could give you the benefit of the doubt, if it later turned out that you were a serial killer of patients in another country and they've turned you loose in calgary, how would they justify their actions when people started dying suspiciously? (i am not suggesting that you are a criminal or any other such nasty thing, just using this as an example to explain their reasoning.)

the fact that you've already spent all of that money and that you can't afford the additional expense of proving yourself is very sad, but unfortunately there are no guarantees of anything when you choose to move to another country. it's too bad that you've already arrived here without any assurance of registration or employment, but there isn't anything that the membership here can do to ehlp you other than offer you a place to vent.

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