caribbean nurses interested in moving to Canada

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hi all,

Are there any schools in canada that accepts caribbean credits? already an RN that would like to upgrade degree to BSN . If so can someone leave me a message. what are the requirements for caribbean nurses to enter and work in canada?

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FSW list is closed at the moment so only option really is TWP to which employer has to provide you with a LMO and a medical will be required. Finding a employer may be hard but will depend on province and generally you will need approval for sitting and passing CRNE if not already done so. I haven't seen any school based BSN courses, the ones I have seen have been distant learning and whether they accept external credits well only way really would be to ask them

crne i'm familiar with but the other abbrev FSW and TWP im not. what are they? Thx for ur input

Specializes in Medical and general practice now LTC.

FSW = Federal Skilled Worker

TWP = Temp Work Permit

A lot will depend on how you are planning on living and working in Canada FSW will lead to Permanent residency and TWP is just temporary

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