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I don't post here a lot. So forgive me if this question is a little repetitive.

I am an LPN. But i didn't go to a comm college for the licensure - I went about it in a different way. I went to a technical course. Those credits probably won't transfer to a uni or comm college.

So my question to you is:

I'll be 28 when I start going back to school. I want to get my BSN, but after reading you guy's posts, I'm thinking maybe just getting an Associates RN.

Like I said before, I'll be 28 when I start back in school, I don't want to be 32 by the time i graduate. Does anyone have any advice for me? IM really not sure where to start/whats the best route to do.


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Hey! Im a GPN. I went to a tech school too, but the LPN program at the comm. college is the same as far as transferring credits. There were a couple of college credit courses as pre reqs but they wouldnt count towards any special degree, but I guess they would transfer as electives. Even the A&P at the CC was only basic (vocational) A&P, not college level.

Im not telling you what to do because its a personal decision and I guess it depends on your long term goals bc I guess its quicker in the end to go straight through, however my understanding is that the pay difference between ASN and BSN nurses is small change. For two extra years or school I dont think its worth it. The main point of a BSN to me would be to get my MSN bc thats where you get the big pay increase jump.

There are lots of ASN-MSN programs emerging all over the country and that is very ideal. Some award a BSN once u meet the requirements, and some do not, its MSN or nothing. The best part is they are faster bc many of the same courses count towards both the BSN and MSN. It shaves off at least a year. They have an ASN-MSN program here that can be done in 2 years! It could take that long to get an MSN.....I think this is really a great option!

Good luck to you, I know what u mean by wanting to be done with school already. Im 25 and leaning towards starting a family so I just wanna be done with it! I want to get my ASN and I hope to go into an ASN-MSN once I get some nursing experience under my belt.

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