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So, I've decided that for my career I want to be a RN with a BSN. However, I'm not sure what the best path to get there is. Should I get a CNA certification, to LPN, to RN, to BSN? Or, CNA, to RN, to BSN? I want to start out with the CNA certification because I think that it is a good start to get into the nursing field and it will give me good experience. Is there some other path that would be better than these?

What do you guys think???

Thanks :)

Jules A, MSN

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I couldn't work as a CNA because they don't get paid nearly what I was making at my old job so I did LPN to RN at a community college while working which was cheap and quick. Good luck.

ms_sgr, BSN, NP

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I got my CNA, but I haven't used it. I would suggest that you go for the BSN if you can, but you should apply to both ADN and BSN programs.