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Career opportunities in Saipan

by gretchen30 gretchen30 (New) New

Hi I would like to ask, I'm planning to take an Nclex By March in Northern Marianas.I'm j1 visa (intern)here in USA.Does anybody knows where to find jobs or sponsorship in Northern Marianas Island thanks

Looking for work stateside or over there? No idea about sponsorships but Guam has two hospitals now. I worked at GMH for a short time and liked it; good people on the step down unit there, and patient oriented. My husband's job changed after 6 months and had to quit and I felt bad about it. Anyway, I heard the new hospital pays a bit better so nurses have left GMH to go there, so there should be some openings. I think the pay grade was based on years of experience and education, and the pay was very competitive with stateside hospitals (excluding places with higher pay due to cost of living like Boston, San Jose, NYC, etc...). I think you could find the pay bands online somewhere. If you are from that area you probably know all this and more...Good luck finding what you need. :)