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Career Mistakes

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I'm writing this to warn new nurses to not make the mistakes I made. I'm 47 y/o, this is not a rant or pity party. These are facts, please feel free to comment...good, bad, or ugly...

I was a cosmetologist since I graduated from high school. in "84" I became an EMT-B in "98" then I became a RN in "08". I worked in level I trauma as an ED tech from "01-05" When I graduated in "08" I was accepted into a level I trauma ED RN internship, and I let it scare me away. I ran to OB complications while I worked PRN in Urgent care Clinic. To make matters worse my husband was in the air force. I only stayed at that hospital for 1yr(08-09). Following my husband I went where he was...which was back to level I trauma hospital where I was a tech(comfort zone with hospital system). I stayed there for 1 yr SICU(09-10 got my BSN that year). (I should have stayed for 3yrs no matter where my husband was going!) followed him again...did 6 months in peds icu internship.(did not stay!!!) went to adult CCU 3 months(10-11)...then my husband was sent to Dubai for a year I went. (Dubai's Canadian hospital was willing to hire me if I signed a 2 yr contract...hubby was leaving n 1yr) Did not want my brain to rot...so I enrolled in Paramedic program online with my last check from CCU. It was a great refresher...stayed in Dubai for 9 months because my Paramedic program was closing down!!! I needed 6 months to complete rotations ambulance/ER/Mandatory medic boot camps

Long story short I didn't work for 1year of 2012, but I have TNCC,ACLS,PALS and I just became a BLS instructor. I'm a nationally Registered Paramedic certification not used!!

(I volunteered at a clinic for underserved to attempt to stay relevant) WHEN YOU LEAVE A SPECIALTY YOU ARE NO LONGER RELEVANT!! I got a job in 3/2013 in the infusion Clinic...where I had to rotate "in I don't touch patients clinic". I stayed there for a year and 3 months. I tried to go to RN internships and med/surge floors no one would hire me at this hospital, I have no write-ups or RN license issues. IF YOU LEAVE INPATIENT FOR A YEAR, IT WILL BE HARD TO GET BACK!

(I understand my resume looks like crap because I've been a RN for 6 yrs and didn't stay anywhere long enough)

I resigned and joined my first RN agency this week...I need to work med/surge and build my inpatient relevancy up.

The moral of the story is stay in a hospital for a few years doing the same specialty if you passion with it. I love ICU I will fight to get back.

Thank you for having a place for real nurse talk

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Thank you from sharing your story. Maybe it will help someone from making some of the same mistakes. Good luck with getting your career back on track. I wish you all the best.


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I agree.

Thank you

If I would have been asking veteran RN questions from allnurses...I would have avoided some of these missteps'. Experience is not only the best teacher. It has been the only teacher...I can't change the past I'm very optimistic about the future.

I'm giving this Jam a flavor:yes:


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