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I have not heard of anyone having the situation I do, so I'll try to explain. When I was in college the first time, I worked in many roles including Phlebotomist and ER Tech. I eventually ended up with a degree in a field other than healthcare and worked several years until I had kids. I have never gotten the satisfaction in my chosen field as I did while in healthcare and knew I'd be back in school again. I have been accepted to an ABSN program and excited about the opportunity - I feel like I have been given a second chance! In the meantime, I would love to work part time as a CNA or related position. I have applied to every hospital multiple times with no luck. Would it be seen as a negative to have worked in the field, quit for another field and try to re enter? I was hoping that some of my prior experience might count for something. Has anyone done this and been successful? I am open to suggestions!


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I'm kind of in a similar situation. I graduated with as Associates degree in health information management (medical records) and ended up working part time on a hospital nursing unit as a unit clerk. I did this while I was getting my bachelors degree in finance. I'm still kicking myself for not pursing the RN at that time. I finished the bachelor's degree in working in accounting for 8 years. I even tried to get my master's degree in accounting, but it didn't work out. Unfortunately, my mother became ill and I was her primary caregiver until she passed away. That's when it really hit me that I could not stand working in accounting. So now, I will be starting a job as a CNA where my mother was a patient after she broke her hip. I'll try to stick it out until the end of the year and find a job in a hospital. I don't want to work in LTC, but you have to crawl before you walk. Also, I am finishing pre-reqs and hopefully will start nursing classes in Spring 2010.

You aren't the only one out there. Sometimes it may take time to find the path that's right for you. You have to do what's is right for you when the time is right. As far as finding a job, a friend told me that it is better to apply in person. It may be difficult to use your past healthcare experience because it was not within the past year or two. (I't just giving you the real) It took me a really long time to find the position I have now because I don't have the current experience. Stress the fact the you are in nursing school. Keep at it, you will find the perfect situtation real soon. I apologize for being long winded.

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