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Career change

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Hi everyone,

This website has been awesome. I am a mother of two little ones and currently working as RDA (dental). I realized that I have passion for caring for patients and want that patient quality care and time. As an RDA I do not get that perosnal relationship. I work at a fast pace pedo office and as much as I would love to provide more care, we rush patient out to see everyone on time. I am a Navy vet and I am working full-time. I have done months of research and thinking if the career change is best. I have looked into several schools in the Sacramento area and close by, bay area, valley. All it the same with the waitlist. I don't have that time. I actually considered going the LVN route and currently taking preqrec. to apply this Spring for the CC route, but I am aiming for a BS degree. I don't want to go through so much more schooling than I need to, to do what I am passionate about. I recently found Chamberlain and inquired about it and it sounds great of course, but I like that it has a built-in core and GE into its program. I know a lot of negative feed about for-profit school and I have been warned and have warned people about profit schools, but I checked the accredition online and the are legit and basically only real negative is $$$ it is expensive. I calculated it and my G.I bill would over the first two years of school but I am going to have to pay out of pocket for te last year of school. I am just nervous and anxious to start... I just would like to know I am not alone or crazy to think of changing careers especially since I am 28 and I do feel old and I won't be able to compete.


You are not alone. I recently separated from Active Duty and am considering attending Chamberlain in Arlington, VA. Like yourself I am also a mother of two young boys and am older than most college students. After doing an extensive amount of research on surrounding nursing programs as well as some in other states I feel that Chamberlain is a better fit for me personally. Although I have completed a good portion of the pre-reqs that most nursing programs require I just couldn't fathom being put on a waiting list. Also, the post 9/11 GI bill only covers 36 months of training and if I decide to attend Chamberlain I will be able to complete the 3 year BSN without debt. (Hopefully some or all of my prior college credits transfer. I spoke to an advisor who told me if my college credits transfer the quickest I would be able to complete my BSN is 25 months). In terms of the negative feedback and cost of education I have read quite a lot online. But, I've also read some positive things about the college as well.

I don't think you are alone or crazy about changing careers. Believe it or not I am in the same predicament as yourself but I strongly feel that we can do it! Anyways, I'll be taking the HESI A2 at the end of the month for Spring 17 so if you have any questions or if you can share any of your experience that'd be great.

Good luck and stay positive!!

Thank you for the your post. I feel so much better about doing this route. Let me know what happens on the HESI A2 and the difficulty! Good luck and best wishes!!!


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