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Career change? RN to CRNA, is this feasible for me

I am a 40 yr old, young children. I have 20 years RN experience (ADN, 3 classes short of my BSN), mostly in NICU, OB. I have worked the night/weekend shift for years and need a change. Since I am the primary support for my family, I need to be able to continue working while going to school to advance my degree/skills.

I have been considering becoming a CRNA. For those of you in the profession, can you give me your feelings on the feasibility of this, e.g., school work load, job satisfaction, marketable (?), etc.



With the CRNA program, you are going to find it extremely difficult to work while in school. You will be putting in 80 hour plus weeks throughout your program with clinicals and classes plus the study and preparation time needed.

Most that are attending take out loans to cover them thru the program. Many programs will not permit the student to work during the time that they are in their program.

I went back at 45 (20 year RN). Had three kids. took out llllllots of loans. Husband held down the household. Was very hard, but so is being burned out in your profession. Worked very little while in training. Just enough to stay on the books and come back as a crna to my facility. It can be done. Expect to have high debt and to need to extend your working career to pay it off.

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