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currently work in financial industry, and i am thinking about switch to nursing , I havea (non science related)degree already and have taken 1 year A&P, 1 year Chem, psych, (all A's, except for 1 A-) should have any necessary math and social science/humanity courses from previous degree (taken within 8 years ago). i have no health care related experience though.

however i have also taken a step back to reevaluate . i hear from ppl that it is a tough job market in NYC b/c there is a glut of new nursing grads in NYC, due to everyone and ther mother wanting to go to nursing school, the closing of several city hospitals, and out of state nurses wanting jobs here?. is this true? would i be better to go to school elsewhere? or go to school here but look for job out of state? if i graduate from a nursing program in NYC but decide to go out of state for a job, does that mean multiple licensing exams (or is it a national standardized license) to work in different states?

I also hear its difficult for new grads to get hired with no experience? is this because of the oversupply of grads or is this a general hiring process? how are you expected to get direct patient care exp if you are going to nursing school? do nursing programs place you in hospitals during the school year? i know its probably better to do some volunteer work but i already work 60 hours a week, so if i do i need to find a hospital that has no weekly minimum required hours. i could maybe do an hour or two after work a few times a week. i would skip the volunteer work, if i will gain that experience during the nursing program.

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Your best bet is an accelerated BSN program, but your work schedule is extremely demanding and your course load would be demanding as well. The studying necessary to do well, as well as the clinical rotations, and even the courses you need to take in order to graduate within the 15 to 18 months that most of these programs last would be virtually impossible on a 60 hour a week work schedule.


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I know I would rather do accelerated and will quit my fulltime job when the time comes.

just wary of the nursing job market. from what I hear there is an oversupply of nurses vs available jobs. at least in nyc region

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It's true, there is a glut of new grads, not so new grads, as well as experienced nurses who are all searching for jobs in nyc now. Hospitals are slowly hiring, so it is good to be open to relocating to different areas. You can attend school here, take the nclex once and get your license within NY.You can then apply to the other state that you would like to work in's board of nursing so that you receive through endorsement where they check that you have passed the NCLEX, do criminal background checks, check out your school info etc. and then you will be licensed not only in your home state but also in the additional state as well. I know some people who initially earned their NY license and also hold licenses in multiple additional states. It can be pricey doing this, but it really opens up your options for working.

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You can attend school here, take the nclex once and get your license within NY.

I meant that once you have passed the NCLEX you need not take it again unless you allow your license to expire without having renewed it. I have heard of this happening on more than one occasion, so once you get your license do not forget to renew it before that expiration date.