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Hello everyone, i have chosen to make a career change. As i have always have an interest in nursing. I currently have BA in psychology and a masters in clinical social work. I would like to do a 2year RN program (specifically at westchester county community college, ny) and then my long term goals would be to do a specialty in midwifery. Does anyone have any advice for me as to what are the best programs, money and time wise. I am a single mother trying to make a easier life for my daughter. Any advice is welcomed and appreciated, thank you so much!:redbeathe

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If you already have a BA & a MSW, you might consider an accelerated BSN or direct entry MSN program in your area. That might only take a year for the BSN and ~2 years for the direct entry MSN program.


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how do you know that?

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how do you know that? do I know what?

If you're wondering how I know it would only take a year or so for an accel BSN, and about 2 years for a direct entry MSN, it's because I went through an ABSN program, and have emailed back & forth with some folks doing the direct entry MSN.

One other thing, $$$-wise - when you're checking into programs, find out if any of the schools offer scholarships based on your GPA or entrance exam scores. Some universities do (like University of Cincinnati - it paid 60% of my nursing tuition), and this can really help.


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Congratulations on your decision!

I also have other degrees and recently decided to go into Nursing. When researching if I should do an ASN or accelerated BSN/MSN program I stumbled upon a phone number for the head of the nursing union in my state.

Her words paraphrased: Don't bother with the ASN if you already have a BS or BA. Although the ASN programs may seem cheaper in the long run, if you already have degrees, you can get into an accelerated progam you will be better off.

My words: go for the BSN at least or a direct entry MSN. With your background as a social worker you are a desirable candidate, and if your state is like mine, higher the education the better in terms of who is getting hired. As that same union head mentioned - the letters after your name do indeed make a difference in this work climate. No insult meant for ASN's or LPN's! But if you already have a Masters you will be most desireable with a higher degree.

The program I am doing is an accel MSN that includes a BSN component (in the event that I want to bail on the school after 14 months, at least I can sit for the NCLEX for RN, then continue through the BSN (only 4 more months -and can either continue with my school through NP or transfer to other NP programs - combined MPH/NP or CRNA is my goal).

Good luck to you!

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