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Hello everyone,

This is my first post here; I'm going to keep this concise.

I'm 26, have a BS in Finance, and I'm looking to transition into a Nursing career. I have two misdemeanors..

1.) VC 23110 - Throwing substance at vehicle. (Throwing eggs on Halloween) 10/2006

2.) VC 23103 - Reckless driving. (Speed contest reduced to Reckless, no alcohol) 02/2011

I have kept a clean nose since 2011; no tickets or reckless behavior.

The advisors at my school told me that its a risky endeavor to start schooling with any convictions, since CA can change the licensure requirements at any time. Does anyone here know of (or had personal experience with) someone who had similar blemishes on their record that can chime in? I've heard horror stories of spending 3-4 years in Nursing school, maintaining a stellar GPA, only to be rejected by the board.

Any input is greatly appreciated!! :)


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In my graduating class, there was a girl with such a checkered past, misdemeanors and a felony.. This was about 2 years ago. She graduated, passed the NCLEX and became a nurse. For me personally, I have a wet & reckless in CA. I had to write a hand-written letter to BVNPT explaining in my own words what happened that night, along with an official police report (which was insanely difficult to obtain). Then they review both sides and make a decision. If you really want to go for nursing, I say don't let those misdemeanors hold you back.. Although, those without any convictions tend to be favored. Don't quit before you've even started.

I wish you lots of luck! While I unfortunately can't give you any advice, I too am in a similar situation and hope things get better for you, too!

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