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I am considering going back to school for either a BSN from Eastern Mich Univ or a Rad. Tech. from a local community college. I already have a BA and could transfer a lot of the prereq classes to EMU, thus making the BSN about the same time to complete as the Rad Tech.

Ideally I would like to work as an MRI Tech, but have heard a lot recently of how over saturated the radiology market is with the boom of community colleges and certificate programs. The reason I am going back to school is due to the bad real estate market of which I have worked in for the last 12 years. So, I would HATE to go through 2 more years of school for Rad Tech, only to still find myself in the same position of struggling to find work.

Would it be possible to get my BSN and after a few years of experience, transition that into an MRI Tech position without an associates in Rad Tech? This would give me the job security of having a BSN and the position I want as an MRI Tech.

Are there any other positions similar to an MRI Tech that could be transitioned to, with a BSN.

I appreciate any advice you can give. I really feel like I'm at a crossroads.


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why don't you talk to some people in HR or radiology first to see what the market is like?

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Have you looked into ultrasound tech opportunities? In this part of the country, they are a hot item! Better hours - Fewer back injuries - no lead aprons.

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