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Hi, I am an LPN student here in Tucson, AZ. I have about 19weeks left of the program, then I start my transition to RN. We are in clinicals right now and we must complete a couple of care plans. Is there any good websites I can go to for help on putting together really good care plans? The Hospital I work at does not even use care plans, but we must do them for school. Any help would be helpful!!




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Hi Carlos!

I do not know of specific web sites, but you can type in nursing care plans on a search engine. I have done this before, and have gotten many good sites that provide specific as well as generic blank care plans for your use. Good luck!


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WOW...I thought I had posted a site here...but don't see it now???

Here is the site again...I hope this works. It's called

Great site and should have everything you need..:)


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Thank you for all your help!!


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These are two that I got from a post on this board a while back. I think Betts posted them. You might be able to find more if you do a search on this site.

There are also lots of care plan books that you can buy. One of the ones we use for our program is "Nursing Care plans; Guidelines for individualizing patient care" The authors are Doenges, Moorhouse, and Geissler. I usually get mine from Barnes and Noble, the web site sometimes also sells used books for much less than the cover price.

Good luck!


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See if you can get you a careplan book... They work very well if you will coordinate them to be patient specific.....


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