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This is one burnt out, stressed out second year ADN student. The volume of work is unbelievable - but enough whining.

We have care plans due every week either on an ortho patient or psych patient. The care plans are approx 13-20 pages long. We fill out a database, use Gordon's functional health patterns, physical assessment, nursing diagnosis and 2 diagnosis carried through. Anyone else doing this???

If you are, do you suggest a good care plan book? I have Ackley's Nursing Diagnosis but I need a care plan book itself.

Also, anyone using a good PDA? I am particularly interested in the Dell Axim 5 pocket pc.

I thought first year was hard....holy cow. Second year is not even comparable IMO. I eat, breathe and sleep nursing. At least it will go by fast.

One last question....anyone putting alot of pressure upon themselves to get A's in everything. So far its B's this year and I come down on myself very hard for it. I do nothing but study and sometimes I feel like why in the heck did I waste my time??? These tests are extremely challenging.

Sorry, alot of different questions....mainly curious about the care plan book.


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I liked Clare Campbell for nursing diagnosis. I remember my nursing four clinical patient project was 60 pages long. I used my nursing books to do my care plans. No PDA, just the nursing books. Lots of writing. No internet either. No computerized documentation. Hang in there. It gets harder as you go along. No I did not need As. No one asks you your GPA they just want to know if your licensed.



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We have to do 2 complete nursing diagnosis for every day we have clinical and I use Nursing Diagnosis Reference Manual 5th edition by Sparks and Taylor. It is very nicely organized and easy to understand.


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axion 5 is great..I own one..and love it



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I find that as a second year studnet it is much easier to do the care plan without the book. You have a lot of knowledge it is time to start using it. Use the book only if you get stuck or if you need some help getting started. Try it and then go bck and look in the book, you will be surpized at how much you know!

I do have a PDA (a toshiba pocket pc) I have the drug book program on it, but truthfully I am so scared that I am going to lose it that I don't take it to clinical. I do like it for schedules and that kind of stuff though.

Our care plans are just as involved. They are very time comsuming and require a lot of "looking up" of stuff, like drugs and definitions. I will be so happy when I no longer have to do them!

Good Luck.

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