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Care Plans in Correctional setting


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I have been taking many continuing education courses to learn everything I can about correctional nursing, as I start my new job at the local jail on Monday. I have read that part of the assessment is the care plan process. I am familiar with a care plan process, but need to know how this process is dealt with in a correctional setting?? Thanks

About six years ago we did care plans at my facility before going to COI charting. Not that difficult. Just remember your ADPIE and you'll be great. When they first come in on intake (e.g.), "knowledge deficit r/t new facility" then list interventions: "oral and written orientation provided to (name of facility) medical department. verbal understanding noted. continue to monitor per policy and as needed." Say they get a superficial abrasion from fighting another inmate. This gives you too great nsg dg. First "anxiety r/t altercation with another inmate" interventions "offer comfort measures, monitor vital signs, refer to mental health, follow up as needed" Then reassess for your evaluation of care. Second "risk for infection secondary to skin breakdown" interventions "instructed on keeping area as clean as possible using soap and water to area and will provide triple antibiotic ointment twice daily times three days per nursing guidelines for increase infection control, healing. Inmate verbalizes understanding of self care. To return to medical with and futher problem." All this seems basic and straight to the point, but that's the style you need to have in correctional nursing. It's actually harder than critical care because you have to learn to be basic with your approach which goes against what a lot of us are used to doing in the "customer care" approach at hospitals. Also, your facility may be advanced in it's practice and have handy little worksheets already mapped out for you to use during assessments instead of having to do narrative charting. May not hurt to suggest this to your supervisor if it will help you all in the medical department. Hope this helps!

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