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Need assistance with a care plan for bacterial meningitis. Any assistance would greatly be appreciated!! I do not know where to begin. I am so stressed with finals and all coming up. thanks!!!

This is actually one of my next post. But i don't think it will be available for now. I'll try to complete this one as soon as possible. For the mean time, you can check on some of my of NCP's.

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itlpn. . .i have been through the process of care planning with you on two other threads that you posted. follow the nursing process and take this one step at a time. instead of repeating the information, i'm posting the links to these threads and i want you to go back and re-read what i posted for you:

the first thing you need to do for step #1 (assessment) is look up information on bacterial meningitis since i am assuming this is not a real patient. you need to find out as much as you can about this disease and how the doctor treats it. to help you, open up and print out the critical thinking flow sheet for nursing students at the bottom of this post. you can use the links on this thread to help you organize this information:

go to the medicine net, webmd and medem sites to get information on the disease and make a list of the signs and symptoms because you will need them to determine what the patients problems (nursing diagnoses) will be. you also need these signs and symptoms in order to develop goals and nursing interventions for your care plan. use the family practice notebook site (you have to type the disease into the search box) to find out what the medical treatment (drugs and tests) will be because as a nurse you will need to be giving these meds and watching for side effects as well as prepping the patient for any tests.

that should get you started.

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