Care plan meetings


Hi Everyone...I know this question has been asked before, but wanted some updated answers if possible.

I am new MDS nurse and handle the OBRA side at a 55 bed facility. I am responsible for sending the invite letters out and the care plan meetings. How does your facility handle this? How do you go about the meetings?

Do you read over every single careplan with the families?

Hi, our social services girls send out all the invites. Now that may seem nice to you but it causes issues. My care plan meetings are not always near the assessment date which means I need to do extra work to be sure I am up to date on my resident before the meeting. In the meeting we have the resident and any family members that come, myself, the social worker and the unit manager. I try to have a nurses aid come in when available. Our activities dept goes between two facilities as well as the dietician and can't always be there. I don't even take the careplan into the meeting. I go over any new orders, changes in condition, meds, labs, and any behavior/mood issues. Then the families ask about a billion questions and I answer those. My question is: How much do you document about the careplan you document everything that was discussed or just make a short note that a careplan meeting was held? Thanks


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I like handling the letters, I find it easier to keep track of things. Right now we are reading every single care plan as that is how the administrator would like it done. We have lots of family participation, so our meetings always go over the scheduled 20 minutes. The Activity aid, Social worker and unit manager all come.