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Care Plan Help

I had my first clinical last Friday and I need some help on my care plan. My diagnoses is Alteration in safety r/t risk for falls. Can someone describe me the "outcome criteria"? I'm having trouble trying to figure out what I'm suppose to put down for that....I could be over analyzing that section...I tend to do that a lot. PLEASE HELP!

if the problem is that somebody is unsafe because he's in danger of falling, you're going to do something other than just note that he's at risk and wait to see what happens next, right?

you, the nurse, will do ... what? why?

what do you hope your interventions will accomplish? those are your outcome criteria, or (singular) criterion. hint: it's a very simple answer, and the magic words are in your original diagnosis. :D

But wouldn't that be the same as my goal? Or is Goal & Outcome criteria 2 different things?

goals and criteria are not the same thing. for example, if your goal is "financial security," the criteria are how you know you're there-- you never bounce a check, you pay all your bills every month, you put something in savings every month, you have enough put by that if you lost your job you could be ok for six-twelve months, you've funded your retirement kitty, that kind of thing. criteria are data points to describe how you know the goal (financial security) is met; these will be data anyone can look at and say, "yep, she made it."

so your goal is that your patient will be safe. how will you (or anyone else who looks) know he's achieved that? hint: for some nursing interventions, these measurable things could be both positive and negative. for example:

staff will (....) when caring for him

(environmental aspects that will make him safe )

he will explain why he has to ... and will do it

he will not experience ...

ty so much for clearing that up for me!!! :yeah::hgu:

I'm currently in nursing school, first semester. I find that the nursing care plan books help alot in learning how to write all aspects of care plans. I use them heavily along with my nursing books. Dont feel like you have to write and invent all this stuff yourself. Alot of the work has already been done for you.... I use a care plan book by swearingen and another by gulanick. You can find them on amazon.

yes i heard that the care plan books are very helpful & thank you for sharing! i'm currently waiting for a friend to give me hers since she's graduated and in her field she said she would "give" them to me :) every bit helps :)


I remembering writing . If no history of fall yet, without fall incident within

A week stay.or with history. Will lessen the fall incidence In how many days or percent

Then you have to put something in intervention such as usage of alarm if the pt. Is with dementia or bed in lowest position, things in easy reach, landing mats.


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