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hi, I am doing a care plan for university and I am having trouble with the nursing diagnosis for hypoglycemia.

would greatly appreciate if anyone out there could give me some help

here is all the details that we have been presented with

Mr X is 51 year old male

past history of type 1 diabetes, hypertension

current meds- humalog mix 25: 26 units mane, 16 units nocte. perindopril 4mg mane, asprine 100mg daily

social history- doesnt drink alcohol, smokes one packet per day

weight 70kg, height 170cm (underweight)

Was admitted with confusion for further investigation. his glasgow coma score was 14/15 in emergency dept.

current situation:

Mr X has slurred speech, unable to remain still in bed, complains of feeling weak with no energy. his glasgow coma score is 13/15 which he is able to open his eyes in response to voice, he continues to obey commands however he doesnt know where he is or what year it is.

further investigations reveal that mr x has had his full does of insulin this morning, but has had nothing to eat for breakfast. his BSL is now 2.1 mmols

he is having a hypoglycemic attack. inform medical officer of current situation, he request bsl repeated every 30 mins after administrating carbohydrates (15-20 grams of simple carbohydrates via orange soft drink) after further bsl it is 4.7mmols vitals are now heart rate 72 bp 105/65 resp 16 sats 99% his glasgow coma score is now 15/15

i have to prioritese the patients problems in order of highest need first for the next 2 hours of care for the patient.

thanks heaps in advance

what have you come up with so far?

so far i have

potential self care deficit r/t confusion (not sure about the confusion bit but they definately have a potential for self care deficit)

risk for injury r/t confusion r/t hypoglycemia

altered nutrition related to imbalance of insulin, good and physical activity

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