Care Plan help: Elder Skin integrity


My patient is 91, end stage cirrosis, large hematoma on both medial shins. I have to write a risk or actual care plan and I am thinking about including her skin integrity around her hematoma. When I place my hand on her shin above the hematoma and gentely move the skin, her skin lifts up and appears to seperate from the sub-cut layer. Her skin in this area looks very brittle and like paper but not dry in the sense where it is peeling and flaking.

Can someone help me find the actually definition for this skin condition. I have looked all over but can't find any specific information. I'm new to this and still trying to find the best way to uncover this information


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I m not sure what we call this condition bit I hope u r not planning to add that to the nursing dx, because physician diagnoses the medical condition. It is not within nurse's scope of practice. Nurse does nursing diagnosis -- patients response to the medical condition/diagnosis.

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