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Hi, i am new to this site. I am a nursing student based in the uk and have been set the task of writing my first care plan. I just want to know if I'm along the right tracks.

Brain is an 82-year-old man and was was diagnosed with Alzheimer's four years ago, he was also diagnosed with depression shortly after his wife died nearly one year after his Alzheimer's diagnosis. He has lived in a care home for the last two years. He has been admitted to hospital due to falling and obtaining a hematoma on his right thigh. The care home have communicated that Brian has recently had problems swallowing, and has become increasingly more disorientated and confused. They state the fall occurred whilst he was trying to mobilize unaided.

I have done my assessments and have identified that my patient is malnourished and has a problem with mobility.

[TABLE=width: 474]


[TD]Patient Need/Problem[/TD]

[TD]Nursing Goal[/TD]

[TD]Nursing Intervention[/TD]




[TD]Brian's BMI is 19 and is under weight, due to lack of nutritional intake caused by cognitive impairment.


[TD]Increase BMI to above 20 and improve and maintain nutritional intake.

To prevent further weight loss.[/TD]

[TD]Complete MUST tool weekly, including updated weight.

Document dietary intake including fluid.

Provide a This is Me document for patient, as this provides information about the likes and dislikes of the patient

Encourage to eat small amounts but frequently by offering snacks between meal times.

Make sure Brian is prepared at mealtimes, such as being sat in the correct position, hand hygiene provided and a drink available.

Provide assistance at meal times.

Refer to dietician as per MUST protocol.

Refer to SALT to assess swallowing ability and risk of aspiration due to dysphagia.






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My compliments to your faculty. You have done a great job on this so far-- now fill in the last column with how you are going to measure the success of your nursing interventions. Keep going on his other problems.