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I would like to know if anyone out there is using the care partnership model on their units. This model pairs up a tech with a nurse and the two of you work together all the time. Just curious how it is working on your unit. Thanks caj


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No, we don't have a 1:1 tech to nurse ratio. I'm not sure what the advantage would be in psych to this kind of arrangement. How does it work on your unit?



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Its very common iin sweden, (is a tech a nurses aid?). I get on fine with the wman i work with but shes off on maternity leave soon. It all depends on working with someone god, you can trust, and rely on. Its ok if it works but personally i perfer nurse only wards, they tend to be more professional.

sanakruz, ADN

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Sounds like a wonderful idea.

How many pts to a team? 4,5,6 max I would think.

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