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We have struggled with finding a way to keep CNA care plans up to date and user friendly. We have tried a variety of tools - but frequently have ran into the problem that CNA feel they already know a resident's care and don't need to reference the plan of care. In addition, sometimes we will identify that in part of the medical record the resident needs assist of 2, therapy writes the resident needs assist of 1, etc.

How are you communicating which cares a resident needs to your CNAs? Have you tried any software that is user friendly for care planning and prints CNA information sheets off the main care plan?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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Hi, we have a software program for MDS and care plans and charting. They do have a CNA care card, but as management we thought that there was not enough of what we wanted to see on the CNA care card so we redesigned the one we had. The piece that may help you is that it is part of our Restorative Aides job standards to review with the CNAs what changes are being made. They are to initial the form so I know they have been reviewed. The nurses are supposed to review the CNA Care Cards when the quarterly MDS is done. I will say that this has worked out better than the way we did them before, where there were no initials for me to look at and hold accountable.

Hope this helps. NA

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