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Cardiac Questions

Hello fellow RNs

Looking over some review questions for critical care course - I m able to narrow the most of the questions down to answers but what your input on which is right so I can do further research on topics thanks!

1) Initial measures for the treatment of angina pectoris include all of the following except:


b- morphine



~I was taught MONA but I think rest would also be indicated so my Choice is B~

2) Elevated cardiac iso enzymes generally occur in all the following except:

a- CHF

b- pericarditis

c- closed chest injury

d-cardiac surgery

~This one also stumps be because I feel like all the above should me the answer ?

3) After an arterial cath is removed direct pressure should generally be applied to the arty for:

a- 2 min

b- 5-10 min

c-until oozing of the blood from puncture site slows

d- until pressure dressing is applied


I will continue to research - I m not trying to have you answer for me.. this is for my own knowledge, there is no answer key so I dont know ;)

loveofrn, BSN, RN

Specializes in MICU. Has 3 years experience.

1) so you know MONA is part of the initial treatments but you think is B, ok...

2) The question states cardiac enzymes, even if you dont know what it is, the choices would direct you to the right answer

3) the choices also will guide you to the right answer.

A- if you apply pressure for two minutes, do you think the bleeding will stop, I dont think so

B- 10-15 minutes pressure may stop it but some patients are on different drugs such as anticoagulant, so think about that

C- until oozing slows make sense to me

D- adding pressure dressing doesnt stop patient from bleeding


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You basically said nothing and gave *little* input.

Back to the drawing board (Google) grasshopper.


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