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I work on a 48 bed cardiac floor. We may have on any given day 10-17 cabg's. Along with post MI, post HC,Stent etc. My question is what is the pt. to nurse ratio on your floors and what are the ages... Read More

  1. by   st4304
    Dear Pete495:

    Everyone gets paced the first 72 hours.

  2. by   Ellen
    When I worked on a post bypass step down unit years ago (1996-97) we had 7-8 patients with NO CNAs!! We were doing primary care nursing....I left - too dangerous - and went to Home Health. Now I just went back to the hospital but a smaller one, telemetry floor, we only do heart caths - no open heart. I still have 8 pts. at times but we at least we have CNAs.
    We're working here in Florida to pass Safe Staffing laws like they did in California. Their telemetry patient to nurse ratios will be mandated at 5:1 effective July 1st.
  3. by   Surgical Hrt RN
    I work in an openheart ICU AFIB = Amiodarone bolus and gtt everytime! Works really good . I would say abotu 95 % of post op CABG pts go in to afib around the 3rd day post op.
  4. by   louloubell1
    I work CTS ICU too, and a fib usually buys you a amio bolus of 150 mg followed by a gram over 24 hours. If it is a rapid Afib which is making the patient hemodynamically unstable we may cardiovert or try to pace them out of it as well.