PDA in an adult

  1. Has anyone heard of such a thing? Know it's in babies.

    What are the symptoms of an adult having a patent ductus arteriosus? I am searching for information on it and only found 2 articles on it.
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  3. by   JohnnyGage
    Wow... kids sure are getting advanced. I didn't get my personal digital assistant until a couple of years ago....

    (Yes, it's possible but rare.)
  4. by   MickeymomRN
    I changed my post alittle. Wondering what the symptoms are? Outcomes? Heard 2 stories at work. supposedly they found PDAs in 2 of their 36yo male patients who had a cardiac work up. sent home. died. they found the PDAs during the autopsy.

    Any ideas where I can get solid information?
  5. by   MrDefib
    They are more common then you think. The symptoms are the same if you have a R to L or a L to R shunt. There are new procedures in place where a device that looks like a clamshell is placed in the ASD to close it. This device is placed by an interventional cardiologist using a catheter.
  6. by   MickeymomRN
    What are the symptoms for R to L shunt or vice versa? Sorry but I'm in L&D. Don't get too many cardiac patients there.

    I know that you can get CHF with a PDA. What about chest pain, dizziness, fainting, SOB, and inability to tolerate exercise/ strenuous activity? Is there a high incidence of SCD?
  7. by   dianah
    My Cardiologist says many people (maybe 5%) go thru life w/a small PDA and die of other causes. If, however, the PDA is large enuf one will have s/sx and hopefully seek tx.
  8. by   lilyuk
    L to R shunt would result in CHF symptoms (systemic to pulmonary). R to L shunt would result in cyanosis. However, in infants with ductal-dependent CHD's.....it's a lifesaver (until corrective surgery, of course)! I suspect (MickeymomRN) you have seen more cardiac patients than you realize. We don't see the problems until it closes!
  9. by   MickeymomRN
    In a nutshell:
    9/23- had severe chest pains, SOB, and cyanosis. Elevated BP, tachycardia, and O2sat 80% on 5L O2 per nc. Cardiac enzymes WNL, EKG elevated ST, sent home the following day BR at home til cath.
    9/26- cardiac cath and TEE done. L-R shunting, enlarged pulmonary artery, no blockages or narrowing of coronary arteries.
    10/9- visited with pediatric card, another echo done, PDA large enough to do something soon. shunting is 30%.
    10/10- CT scan done of abd shows enlarged liver and spleen. d/t PDA. RLQ and epigastric pain noted constant ranging from 3-12 on the 0-10 pain scale.
    Hey, what do I know. I'm just in pain. All around, the chest, the RLQ, under the rt. ribs, rt. flank, can't sleep well, just shoot me!
    Waiting eagerly for my cardiac surgery to close the PDA. Praying that it can be done with a cath and not thoracotomy. Don't want one of those. I'd rather have my sternum cut. No rather not anything cut!