Interviewing for cardiac nurse

  1. I'm a Medical Surgical nurse and I want to apply for a cardiac nurse position but not sure what type of questions they will ask since I have experience in Med Surgical. I'm also not sure if cardiac position is for ICU step down (PCU). Is this the same? I would greatly appreciate any interview help I can get. I am so tired of doing horrible in interviews. I know I will make a good cardiac nurse but I just need the chance.
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  3. by   Ms Petite 93
    Hey here's a couple I can think of !

    What made you choose this organization?
    How would you contribute to this floor? (Explain your strengths and skills you mastered in med surg to transition into cardiac nursing or the fact that you have patients on tele or that come in with various heart related illnesses with protocols in place......etc)

    They might ask you what is your weakness or tell us something about you that is not on your resume?

    Might ask what would you do situations when it comes to coworkers and patients

    Most importantly show them your willingness to learn and expand upon your knowledge and skills your thirst to continually challenge yourself

    They'll def ask you what will you see yourself doing in the next 5 years and or what is your goals. That's all I could think of for now. You can also sometimes google interview questions for that specific organization you're applying to and sometimes there's a couple of posts in Glassdoor that'll help give you some ideas. Good luck !! And I hope you get the job !!!!
  4. by   Ms Petite 93
    Show confidence !! Sit up straight, smile , firm handshake ....and direct eye contact!! You got this .