i work in a great place in des moines iowa

  1. I work in a great cardiac unit. it is a post cath lab unit. I work straight nights-(i dont know if it is great during the day shift). anyway the most i ever have is six patients. none of the patients are on ventilators. the most critical thing i do is pull arterial line sheaths. the night nurses are very helpful and really not into cliques. charting is on paper. i dont usually have to do admits or discharges. anyway i feel really lucky to work in this type of environment when the world of nursing has really gone to crap in most of the world. i guess i dont get too stressed out like i used to (i used to work in ICU/CCU). anyway that is my story. oh and idont have to work sundays. usually on call 2-3 saturadays out of a 6 week period-and i havnt been called in on a saturday since i have worked here (6 months)-98% of the time in just doesnt happen. the only bad thing is that is is not in a more exciting city. des moines is great for family type people-
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  3. by   delirium
    Do you also moonlight as a nurse recruiter?
  4. by   parisgirl
    no i dont-haha. i have had some really bad experiences in my short lived nursing career. i am just very happy this is one place that has worked really well for me so far.
  5. by   Jennmominva
    That is a coincidence.. my girlfriend works at the cath lab at Mercy in Des Moines... is that where you are? she works days tho.:smilecoffeeIlovecof
  6. by   PetiteTRN
    Wow, sounds like heaven. My cardiac floor sounds similar. Can you pull lines because you have critical care experience? Only CCU or Cath lab nurses can pull our lines. Is this a large facility? I would not mind doing weekends if it was like every 3rd or so. No such luck. I'm certainly green right now