I interviewed for the cardiac medical unit

  1. ..and i didnt get the job, I was so upset because 1. I work at the hospital as a tech ( float pool) and 2. she asked me two simple questions and was not considered for the position. Leaving there I thought I had it in the bag, but I didnt ughh. My friend tried to cheer me up saying they must of hired someone with more experience.

    She asked me, tell me about yourself? Which I said " Im a committed and motivated individual, very friendly, I have good communication skills to interact with my patients and co-workers, Im able to handle pressure and stay calm and focused, a team player and like to give a helping hand."

    then she asked why I wanted to work for cardiac? I said " During my last semester I was actually in a cardiac unit and i gained so much knowledge during my clinical experience, I learned the variety of disease process that involve the heart and the treatments it takes to help these pts with heart conditions. This speciality keeps you on your toes and it helps you master your critical thinking skills.

    I wish they tell you what you do wrong during an interview so you can fix it, you know. Can anyone give me tips, did I answer wrong, can I get any pointers. What should I say, or what is it that you say ? I've been searching for a job and no luck. Help!
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  3. by   Isitpossible
    I wish I could you but I just experienced the same thing..Had an interview with my dream hospital. They asked me "what was my aha moment? and they asked How did I see Evidenced Based Practice in the hospital. I didnt think I answered too well, and I was declined the residency program. I was crushed! I did ask one of the panel members how I could improve in the future...she never responded...
  4. by   Crubinunez
    Yeah I hate when they dont give you a reason, how are we suppose to know how to improve and get better with no feedback. Ugh, well good luck.