how many nurse?

  1. Hi
    Please tell me " What is the patient to nurse & other personls ratio where you work in CCu with 8 beds in 24h ? "
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  3. by   papawjohn
    Hey Kambiz

    In every CCU I've worked in the 'optimal' ratio is 1 nurse: 2 pts. This is flexible. Some Pt's have so much equipment and are so sick that they get 1-1 nursing. (Intra-Aortic-Balloon Pumps, constant Dialysis). Sometimes the more 'stable' pts will be 1--3 if staff is short.

    That the answer you needed?

    Papaw John
  4. by   suzanne4
    8 patients should require at least four RNs. Even if you have one group that can be a triple, and one that is a 1:1, you still need two others.

    And what happens if one codes, then you really need an extra set of hands. Depending in the acuity of the types of patients in the unit, you may even see an extra RN.
  5. by   LISAKBRN
    I Have Worked In A Very Busy Ccu For 5 Yrs. Our Nurse Ratio Has Always Been 1 Nurse To 2 Patients, And Even That Can Get Very Harry Sometimes. There Are Cases Where 1:1 Nursing Was Needed. However,they Have Been Trying Very Hard For Sometime To Sneak In A 1:3 Ratio. We Can't Let This Happen For Our Own Sakes And Most Importatly For Our Patient's Sake!!!
  6. by   Skejnurse
    Allthough I don't work at the CCU we work closely together with them, and they have a 1:1 ratio. Guess they are pretty lucky.....