How can one become a Cardiac Nurse??

  1. how long doesit take? do schools actually have a "cardiac nurse" program or do you get trained in the hopsital inwhich you work? what gpa should a student interested in becoming a cardiac nurse have.thanks everyone!
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  3. by   Cardiac-RN
    I don't think my place of work ever looks at anyones gpa...just whether or not they passed their boards or graduated from an accredited program waiting to sit for boards.

    That being said, most nursing school curriculums do cover 'cardiac', the same way as they touch on neuro and renal etc. Not a class totally devoted to it. So when you apply for a position and are accepted on a cardiac unit in a hospital, they will generally put you through their own classroom training beyond general hospital orientation. Things like ekg class, acls class, cross training for critical care et, cardiac meds/drips/protocols etc.

  4. by   rintin02
    Currently I am a rising senior nursing student. This summer I am working as a nurse extern on the Cardiac Intensive Care Unit. The basic requirements for being a nurse on this floor is to have gone to an accredited nursing program and passing your boards. Nursing programs in general generate a graduating class of generalalists. Meaning you get a bit of everything so you could work in any setting. It is up to you to decide what you think best works for you and to become an expert in your desired field. Hope this helps you.