How Are You Leading the Effort Against Heart Disease?

  1. Through Internet searches, social media posts, television commercials and advice from friends and family our patients might become overwhelmed by the sheer number of facts and figures about heart health.

    Whether we are involved in the intake of new patients, diagnosis of hypertension, or treatment of high cholesterol, we have an opportunity to share information on cardiovascular disease that can help patients manage their condition.

    AHRQ's heart and blood vessel consumer summaries are tools that can help you educate patients on the best treatment options for their condition. Other tools that help keep you up-to-date include:

    - Research reviews on diagnosis and treatment strategies for coronary artery disease
    - Research summaries for clinicians on high blood pressure and high cholesterol
    - Free continuing education materials (CMEs) for health care professionals

    Visit the Clinical Bottom Line Web page and download the latest heart health summary products and publications. Use these materials to help lead the effort against heart disease year round.

    So when your patient comes to you with information gathered from here and there and has questions about their heart health, how do you respond? How do you take action to combat heart disease?
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