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  1. :spin:I have heard that a year on a telemetry floor equals more experience than a year on a med-surg floor..from an experience and employer point of view. Has anyone found this to be true? I am currently a new grad on a tele floor and it is crazy some days!! two of the other new grads have transferred to Med-Surg.
    So, i guess my question is...is this craziness worth it!!?!?
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  3. by   al7139
    I graduated in May of this year, and went to work on a tele floor. Whil I have some really crazy days at work, the experience will be an asset in the long run. From here with my experience (1-2 years plus), I will be able to go anywhere, including ER, shock/trauma, etc. since I will have learned so much about the heart. My answer? YES, it is worth it!
  4. by   RN1989
    Yes! If for no other reason than they are on tele! You can be slammed and have your patient's heart being monitored, however on a medsurg floor there are times that you wonder "Is my patient still alive?". It definitely gives you a little bit better feeling about things. Of couse if they are in PEA that isn't true, but PEA isn't as prevalent as being on a non-monitored floor and finding you pt down and having NO idea how long they've been down. After all, they could have arrested 30 seconds after you walked out of the room and you haven't seen them for an hour and had no idea because they weren't on a monitor. What a horrible feeling.