CRF and Troponin-I

  1. I've noticed that most of our patients who are renal players and come in with "non-cardiac" type chest pain usually have elevated Troponin-I and get admitted as rule outs. I asked one of the cardiologists and he said that CRF shouldn't effect the results. Has anyone else noticed a similar trend??
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  3. by   barb o
    We have also seen elevated Troponin I's with our patients with acute renal failure. I asked one of the renal fellows, and he said that there is something going on research wise, but nothing conclusive yet. These patients have had "events" but their CK profiles and EKGs don't indicate cardiac damage. I'm in the Chicago area. Anyone else seen this?
  4. by   George O.
    Just writing to see if I could get some info. on"Troponon-1"
    Does it reflect cardiac involvment only?
    If so,is it more definitive than CK,MB?
    Thanks,George o.
  5. by   bluesboyj
    I believe taht Troponin I is more indicitive of myocardial damage because I've seen it rise when the CK and CK-MB are decreasing post event.

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