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  1. Dear friends,
    I`m a nurse from Portugal working in a ICU of cardiothoracic surgery.
    In Portugal we graduate in this speciality.
    What do you think ? It is important or not ?
    Why ? and what occurs in other countries of the world ?
    (sorry, but my english is not the best)
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  3. by   smignoni
    In the USA we graduate with a general degree then our licensed by the state to practice as a nurse.We are then trained by our specific employer for the specialtity
    area we practice.I am on the Surgical Intensive Care Unit and we have an 8-12 week
    orientation to this speciality.We care for post open heart patients and other
    cardiac and surgical patients.The hospital has classes on crititcal care,EKG,
    Advance Life Support and other speciality area's.This is pretty much the way it is done
    all over the USA.Their are various certification programs but most people take them after they have been practicing for a while.
  4. by   shodan
    Hallo, i`m back !!
    In Portugal it is equal, but do you think that it is important, to graduate in this speciality ? Why?
  5. by   goldilocksrn
    No. In fact, specializing in nursing school can narrow your choices and options for later in your career. When I was in nursing school, I thought I wanted to be a labor & delivery RN. If I would have specialized, It would have closed me off from other areas of nursing. I am now a cardiac nurse and love it!