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My question is, what is a good ratio for patients in a cardiac stepdown unit? I just interviewed for a position on a unit that sounds like it is perfect for me because I want to work in the cath lab... Read More

  1. by   cvryder
    We'd all like to have 1:3 but that doesn't work out in the usual realm of things. I've worked on cardiac units with 1:4 all the way to 1:6, which included (but mostly weren't) post-stent and 24-hr post-CABG patients. Depending on the layout of the unit, it can work very well or very poorly. At the moment I'm on a PCU which is supposed to be 1:4 but is usually 1:5, and the drips we have are usually heparin or renal dose dopamine. Cardiac drips go to CCU here, and they don't do many caths because they don't do interventions (which I think is only proper). It can be extremely busy with rapid turnover, which is why I think the ratio is too high.