Anyone here work outpatient cardiology?

  1. I just interviewed for a PRN position in a very large, pristine Cardiology outpatient clinic. The interview went well and I really think they are interested, but I'd like to hear from other nurses who work outpatient cardiology. As part of the job I'd be expected to Triage and take calls, and this will be the biggest learning curve for me. I'd have take a call and decide if a patient's situation can wait two days or is it something that must be seen right away. I'm curious to know what type of triage questions you get, and how much knowledge of the heart do you have to have? I've been working intermediate critical care for a year and a half so thats the bulk of my experience.

    They flat out told me that they don't have time to teach me about the heart,etc. the orientation would be geared more toward teaching me the ins and outs of how things are done in the clinic. I guess its about asking the right questions, but im just a little nervous!
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  3. by   eponine8614
    Hi! I know this post is older but I have an interview for a cardiology outpatient clinic coming up and have the same questions. Did you end up working there and if so what kind of stuff do you see and do? My background in Neuro ICU/trauma, so cardiac is a little bit out of my comfort zone but not something that I'm completely unfamiliar with. I want to be prepared and have some expectations for the interview.