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I am looking for some assistance. I am in a new position which requires teaching. I am Ok with subject matter but not creative coming up with a case presentation comparing an AWMI with IWMI for nursing care in the home. Any suggestions or info. on where to find a good case presentation with nsg. intervention?


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I use actual patient cases when I teach. I use the lab results and EKGs with all patient identifiers obliterated. As long as no names are mentioned, and some details are changed to protect confidentiality, I don't think there is any breach of privacy. My unit manager knows I do this, she will even save a copy of an interesting EKG for me if she happens to find one when I am off. I use actual cases for all of my teaching, I think learners relate to real situations better. I have never been told that I cannot do this.


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Thanks for the information, my problem is that I am teaching Home Care nurses who may not have a knowledge base on understand the labs or the EKG's. What examples do you give to explain what to watch for regarding symptoms.


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have you tried using your search engine- use sinus rhythm

there are hundreds of sites. Used them for a simular problem

Good luck



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Clinically, there may not be much difference between an AWMI /IWMI. However, because the inferior wall is usually supplied by the right coronary artery, which also supplies the SA node, you may have a number of rhythm disturbances: varied degrees of heart block, etc.

Also IWMI's can affect the right ventricle as well as the left ventricle. This may cause profound HYPOtension...which should be treated with IVF to increase preload.

After the fact, the anterior wall of the heart is a much larger territory. Thismay predispose someone to developing a thrombus, if the infarct is large enough. This is usually treated with coumadin for a few months post MI.

Check out "medsacpe cardiology" on the web.

Hope this helps


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Thanks for info

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