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Hello everyone

I was wondering if it is the norm for nursing travel agencies to offer car rentals, or a car stipend while on assignment or do nurses just have to use their own cars. The reason I am asking is because I know a travel CT (cat scan) tech, who gets a rental car on every assignment or a car stipend. Also wondering if nurses get a food stipend while on assignment. The same CT tech gets a good stipend everyday while on assignment. Or is it just that radiology techs get better benefits than nurses, and if so why?

And if anyone knows of a nursing travel agency that offers all the normal benefits plus the car rental and food per diem please let me know. Just trying to get the most out of my assignment.

Thanks everyone in advance for reading this post.

Walter RN


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We at Bridge Staffing offer the tax free per diem program in accordance with IRS regulations. Car rental as well as housing and meals, incidentials and expenses can all be provided for on a tax free bsis. Of course we also have medical and dental insurance as well as 401K, education benefits and more. Please feel free to give me a call.

Kathy Taylor

Bridge Staffing



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There are many companies that provide the tax advantage program (where a portion of you're hourly wage is given to you tax free because you have a permanent residence. Some companies do - and I am not sure how it actually works - as a "per diem").

I work with RN Network. The way they do it is, ex:

Pay rate $30/hr

Tax advantage: $8.75 {for the first 24 hours/week ($210/week)}

Sample pay: 72 hour/pay period - 2 weeks

48 hours x $21.25 (tax advantage)= $1020

24 hours x $30 = $720

Any OT over 40 hours/week= paid at $60/hr

All taxes based on this total.

THEN, $420 is added back into your pay.

It does decrease the amount that is paid into SS, though. So depending on if you want extra money now, or later........:)


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Projections are indicating there won't be any SS when I'm ready to retire so I'd the money now and invest it myself with a better rate of return. Just something to consider

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