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Hello everyone

I was wondering if it is the norm for nursing travel agencies to offer car rentals, or a car stipend while on assignment or do nurses just have to use their own cars. The reason I am asking is because I know a travel CT (cat scan) tech, who gets a rental car on every assignment or a car stipend. Also wondering if nurses get a food stipend while on assignment. The same CT tech gets a good stipend everyday while on assignment. Or is it just that radiology techs get better benefits than nurses, and if so why?

And if anyone knows of a nursing travel agency that offers all the normal benefits plus the car rental and food per diem please let me know. Just trying to get the most out of my assignment.

Thanks everyone in advance for reading this post.

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EAch agency is free to offer whatever it happens to want to offer in order to 1) remain competitive in its own market and 2) maintain its relatively high profits.

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