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I am now in level 5 in the LVN program and and we received our gown caps everything to graduate. however we are required to turn in a careplan .at this point I am so nervous about the nclex and just wants to focus on that but I have to turn in a careplan.I would greatly appreciate it if anyone can help with vitals treatment and so on on placentia abruptio careplan.I am very interested in regards to what should the past medical hx be?activity, meds, lab results , dx tests.LOC, whatever you can contribute I would appreciated .thanks in advance.:crying2:

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what have you develped so far that you need help needs clarification from maternal child text book?

past medical history is patients statements about prior health issues..what did you discover in chart review or patient interview if done?

delmar's maternal infant careplan outline may provide some leads: abruptio placenta

along with abruption placentae - associated content -

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thanks for replying miss KAREN I did not have an interview or patient charting we actually had to make it up,which may be the reason why it seemed difficult.I actually got some help from the site you posted . thanks alot! love this site. ;lol2: