Car for Nursing school?


Do you think it is a necessity to own a car during nursing school? I live 2-3 miles away from my actual school in Denver, so biking/bus is ok to get there. My husband & I only have one car at the moment and I was just wondering about your experience getting to clinicals. Do students car pool together? Is it too much of a hassle? What have you found to be helpful for you? Thanks for your advice!


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It all depends on where your clinicals will be. My first med/surg rotation was at BCH and I live in Brighton. There were no other students that lived near me to car pool with. I couldn't have made it without a car.

We did have a student that didn't drive and the faculty did their best to put her with people that lived close to her but that wasn't fair to the person with the car to have to be responsible for getting her there. There were also days when the driver may be spending a day some place else and was not able to drive the student. It was a headache to say the least.


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If you can find a way to get to clinicals, you can manage it but it may be inconvenient to say the least. Arrange a car pool where you pay someone for transportation, or use public transportation. If you have to, budget money to take a cab to clinicals. Whatever you need to do to get it done. Good luck.


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Thanks for your advice. I can see how being the "only one who needs a ride" a uncomfortable situation! I really don't want to be that person! :)

I don't think people carpool to clinical much, just because of logistics. As far as taking the bus, it depends on where you live. I've been able to walk or take the bus to all of the clinical sites I've had so far. (I didn't always take the bus, but I could have easily). If you live near bus routes like the 20 that go by lots of hospitals you'd be okay, but if you have to transfer you'd probably have to leave so early it would cut into your sleep. Also, mental health clinical sites seem to be pretty spread out, so unless you get Denver Health or the VA you might not able to take the bus to that clinical. You could probably ask your clinical placement people whether they will take your carless status into account and try to give you sites you can get to by bus or bike when they are available. If they will work with you then it might work. Depending on where I have my next clinical I may ride my bike when the days get longer, just so I get SOME exercise.


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Yes please have a reliable car, its the best investment you can make during nursing school (except tuition), dont count on others for rides, everyone has there own crazy schedule

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