Capstone unit!!!


Ok, so I just got done reading the email from my looks like I'm going to get my wish of being on a telemetry floor for my 36 hours of capstone. However, they are requesting that NOBODY be allowed to shadow them on nights.....which sucks, because I've worked nights for the last 16 months, and trying to figure out that schedule will make it a rough two weeks. I'll have to do something like, work one night, take off the next, capstone on days, then nights the next if I work on M, say, I'll capstone W and work R night....but this is all contingent on when the preceptor I'll have to do some major schedule readjustment...any tips/advice on how to survive this?

Also, I know it's speculation, but why wouldn't they want someone on nights to shadow as well? too many things happening at night, or what? (my thought - staff actually may have said they didn't want students up there at night...and I used to work with 2 of the RNs who now work nights up there...which sucks because they both said they'd like to have me up there with em in the middle of the night....)

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